The 8 Founders of Fir State Golf Club

Mr. Bob Wright
Mr. Ulysses Ward
Mr. Pat Francis
Mr. Ben Beasley
Mr. Harold Starkey
Mr. Haywood Bascomb
Mr. Charles Ethridge
Mr. Shelby Ellis

                                                                                                                                       LEARN MORE ABOUT FIR STATE GOLF CLUB

In 1947, the Fir State Golf Club was founded by a racially diverse group of 15 men and women who, because of their race, were not welcome in the existing golf clubs in Seattle at the time. As the first African-American golf club in the city, they helped pave the way for more minority acceptance on golf courses in the region. The club later created the Fir State Golf Foundation to promote youth participation in golf and in the community.

By 1947, African Americans around the country were becoming more active on the golf course but they were still not welcomed in traditional clubs. Although black golfers were allowed to play individually at public courses in the Seattle area, tournament play required membership in a recognized club, and blacks were denied membership to city clubs of the period. A group of 15 men and women joined together and founded the Fir State Golf Club in 1947, in an effort to give African-Americans access to local tournaments.